2017: The Year I Went (Less) Mad

2017. What the fuck. It's been insane, it's been productive, it's been insane. Here's what I did. -In January, I kicked off another year of being a regular book-and-music critic for NPR, which has been my main freelance gig lately. -In January, I formed a new band called WEATHERED STATUES from the remains of my previous band, Cloak of Organs. And we decided to switch direction: from slow, shoegazing doom to dark, energetic post-punk. -In March, I did a presentation on the sci-fi funk of the '70s at POPCON (at Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture). My first PowerPoint! I didn't even screw it up! And I got to show off some of the research I'd been accumulating while working on my upcoming book STRA